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Exploding the Myths I: 10 things your history teacher never told you

The histories of native peoples are often silenced, relegated to 'pre-history ... My question here is simply this: What are the the little-known histories that disrupt the dominant idea that "if it wasn't for us, you'd still be running around in grass skirts?"

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The Opiate of Hope

I loved the Shawshank Redemption. Its on my list of all-time favourite movies. There is enough inspiration in its themes of redemption, loyalty, and integrity-in-the face-of-corruption, to satisfy a consummate dreamer like myself through numerous sittings...

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Incident at Waitangi – on sinking boats…

An old post pulled from my facebook page, that I wrote back in February. It was a letter to the police commissioner, but really - to 'New Zealanders' in general. Tried to get it published in a number of newspapers, but sadly (if unsurprisingly) no takers. I imagine that, similar to LudditeJourno's experience recounted here, the news editors had attitudes akin to this one, from a Dominion Post Editor:

"I’m not terribly interested in the Parihaka festival – unless there is a hard news angle from it i.e. riot/police raids etc."

Replace Parihaka with Waitangi and you get the picture...

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On not-so-flash mob haka… celebration or spectacle?

At the risk of raining on the parade (there's that bearers of discomfort thing again), can't say I'm too inspired by the flash-mob haka that's traveling like lightening around the web. The minute I saw it I knew it was part of the Rugby World Cup buildup, which left me feeling - ambivalent? Māori culture has long been celebrated as 'spectacle' - great when it comes to sporting fracas or official 'lets look multicultural' state events, but disparaged when engaged in as a means of protest...

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Yes I’m a psychologist: and NO I can’t read your mind!

A tip for all singles who are crazy enough to practice in or study under the discipline of psychology - LIE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO!!! Its a total romance killer - and I've come to dread getting to that unavoidable part in a conversation: "so what do you do?". "Working on a PhD, half-time raising teens, and tutoring at the university" is my standard response. "What are you studying?" ... OK wait for it ... "Psychology"! Bang - game over, a look of fear slides fleetingly across their face to be replaced by the polite catch-ya-later smile...

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On desire and being single again

If you've read all of my blog (which of course, all good blog visitors should ha! Especially one as a-prolific as this one!!) you'll know that just over a year ago I shuffled off this marital coil! (I feel I must attribute to Mr Shakespeare here, but you'll note it is not a verbatim quote!!) Thus it should not be surprising to learn that I've recently been making tentative forays into the 'dating' scene, one year seeming a respectable mourning period; sadly my first foray has ended in disaster. OK, that's probably overstating it a little..

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On the Value of Whanaungatanga

You know I’ve been thinking … there is an unwritten rule (actually there’s many, but anyway) that when we suffer, we should suffer in private, in silence even, hiding in a corner somewhere licking our wounds; only emerging when we can put on a brave face, a ‘right’ face for the world. Yeah well, fuck that! There is great value in sharing our wounds, our heartaches, our suffering...

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