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Posts tagged ‘The Game of Politics’

On desire and being single again

If you've read all of my blog (which of course, all good blog visitors should ha! Especially one as a-prolific as this one!!) you'll know that just over a year ago I shuffled off this marital coil! (I feel I must attribute to Mr Shakespeare here, but you'll note it is not a verbatim quote!!) Thus it should not be surprising to learn that I've recently been making tentative forays into the 'dating' scene, one year seeming a respectable mourning period; sadly my first foray has ended in disaster. OK, that's probably overstating it a little..

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Please … don’t call me ‘progressive’

have long felt a sickening in my stomach about the increasing use of the word 'progressive' to denote a person 'of the left' in political ideology. Whilst it is a term with its own unique history that can be clearly differentiated from the now seemingly abandoned term 'liberal', they appear to have been used interchangeably in discourse in recent years, with 'progressive' gaining far greater currency (though not without contest). Liberal has certainly become a much maligned term, especially by those to the right of the political spectrum who frequently pair it with other such useful descriptors as touchy-feely, lousy do-gooder, namby pamby, pinko, birkenstock wearing (a new term for me, hence the link), kumbaya-singing, elitist, bleeding heart ...

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