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Posts tagged ‘love’

On desire and being single again

If you've read all of my blog (which of course, all good blog visitors should ha! Especially one as a-prolific as this one!!) you'll know that just over a year ago I shuffled off this marital coil! (I feel I must attribute to Mr Shakespeare here, but you'll note it is not a verbatim quote!!) Thus it should not be surprising to learn that I've recently been making tentative forays into the 'dating' scene, one year seeming a respectable mourning period; sadly my first foray has ended in disaster. OK, that's probably overstating it a little..

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On the Value of Whanaungatanga

You know I’ve been thinking … there is an unwritten rule (actually there’s many, but anyway) that when we suffer, we should suffer in private, in silence even, hiding in a corner somewhere licking our wounds; only emerging when we can put on a brave face, a ‘right’ face for the world. Yeah well, fuck that! There is great value in sharing our wounds, our heartaches, our suffering...

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