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The promise of Mana, truth telling, and the struggle of ideas

The most potent weapon of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed
- Steve Biko, Cape Town 1971

Upon reading that veteran activist John Minto has declared his stand for Mana...

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Troubling racism

When racism is the topic at hand, in a public arena anyway, my experience is that people fall into the wallpaper. Or at least respond with a disapproving sniff and stiffened spine. It is a topic that provokes a fair amount of defensiveness and no doubt anxiety, which is a bugger given that what I really want to shift to talking about is, as bell hooks calls it, white supremacist ideology (and patriarchal, and capitalist). Far more useful, and I would say apt - but at this point perhaps a step too far...

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Strange Bedfellows: The Māori Party and National

'Tis funny cos I wrote this on 19 November 2008 and then abandoned my blog for a while to try and engage in a thesis (stupid) so it has sat in my drafts for coming up 3 years now. Interesting to read given how things have gone, hence bugger it, I'll publish it anyway, before posting some updated thoughts...

So the National Party and the Māori Party in coalition - who would've thunk? I personally believe the Māori Party are making a massive mistake, and am heartily disappointed...

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