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Posts from the ‘The Game of Politics’ Category

Downing the Brown: When two tribes go to war

Representations of Māori in the media: "The processes of colonization attack us in our most sensitive areas: in the way we perceive ourselves blind to the way those perceptions have been constructed for us initially" ~ Spokane poet and scholar, Gloria Bird, 1993

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Occupy Wall Street: The power of police

Brief thought: Earlier this year a colleague was describing a visit to the Australian Embassy in Wellington to renew a passport. She had been shocked to find a significant police presence in the surrounding streets to the embassy until she realised that the Australian Prime Minister was visiting. Still, I had to wonder...

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The promise of Mana, truth telling, and the struggle of ideas

The most potent weapon of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed
- Steve Biko, Cape Town 1971

Upon reading that veteran activist John Minto has declared his stand for Mana...

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Strange Bedfellows: The Māori Party and National

'Tis funny cos I wrote this on 19 November 2008 and then abandoned my blog for a while to try and engage in a thesis (stupid) so it has sat in my drafts for coming up 3 years now. Interesting to read given how things have gone, hence bugger it, I'll publish it anyway, before posting some updated thoughts...

So the National Party and the Māori Party in coalition - who would've thunk? I personally believe the Māori Party are making a massive mistake, and am heartily disappointed...

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King, Obama, Wright and how quickly they forget

Those of us who have been following the American elections with interest for some time now will remember the infamous Rev Jeremiah Wright who's fiery sermons (edited to cause maximum television-viewer angst of course) almost cost Obama the Democratic Party nomination and the chance to run for US president. Having carefully selected Wright's most divisive statements, the media proceeded to play them ad nauseum for weeks, particularly - and no surprise here, on Fox. Not for their rhetorical value mind...

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Please … don’t call me ‘progressive’

have long felt a sickening in my stomach about the increasing use of the word 'progressive' to denote a person 'of the left' in political ideology. Whilst it is a term with its own unique history that can be clearly differentiated from the now seemingly abandoned term 'liberal', they appear to have been used interchangeably in discourse in recent years, with 'progressive' gaining far greater currency (though not without contest). Liberal has certainly become a much maligned term, especially by those to the right of the political spectrum who frequently pair it with other such useful descriptors as touchy-feely, lousy do-gooder, namby pamby, pinko, birkenstock wearing (a new term for me, hence the link), kumbaya-singing, elitist, bleeding heart ...

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