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Posts from the ‘Psychology’ Category

The Opiate of Hope

I loved the Shawshank Redemption. Its on my list of all-time favourite movies. There is enough inspiration in its themes of redemption, loyalty, and integrity-in-the face-of-corruption, to satisfy a consummate dreamer like myself through numerous sittings...

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Troubling racism

When racism is the topic at hand, in a public arena anyway, my experience is that people fall into the wallpaper. Or at least respond with a disapproving sniff and stiffened spine. It is a topic that provokes a fair amount of defensiveness and no doubt anxiety, which is a bugger given that what I really want to shift to talking about is, as bell hooks calls it, white supremacist ideology (and patriarchal, and capitalist). Far more useful, and I would say apt - but at this point perhaps a step too far...

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Yes I’m a psychologist: and NO I can’t read your mind!

A tip for all singles who are crazy enough to practice in or study under the discipline of psychology - LIE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO!!! Its a total romance killer - and I've come to dread getting to that unavoidable part in a conversation: "so what do you do?". "Working on a PhD, half-time raising teens, and tutoring at the university" is my standard response. "What are you studying?" ... OK wait for it ... "Psychology"! Bang - game over, a look of fear slides fleetingly across their face to be replaced by the polite catch-ya-later smile...

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